We collaborated with the Riverside Museum team over several years, helping create audio and audiovisual content, finding and interviewing potential contributors, supporting project staff, and writing and editing text. Riverside opened in June 2011 and in  2013 was named European Museum of the Year.

Audio and audiovisual
Lucidity Media was commissioned to produce scripts for site-specific audiovisual experiences within the museum. Working with author and playwright Chris Dolan, we delivered a set of historically accurate stories within the museum:-

Climb onboard a real Glasgow subway carriage and watch a film of 1940s passengers as they get on and off a train as it makes a real-time circuit under the city.

Watch and listen to bar staff and drinkers in the city centre’s Mitre Bar in the 1920s. 

Stand on a recreated Glasgow street from 1900 and listen as an audio drama plays across the 20 speakers spread at three heights along the length of the road.

Riverside takes a bold and innovative approach to its text, shaping every word to the interests and needs of their target audiences; text for a school party is different to text for a family group; text for someone with a sensory impairment is different to text for teenagers.

Lucidity Media was asked to help write, edit and proofread text for the museum in the final months before opening.

We worked closely with the museum’s curatorial team and story authors to agree a clear focus for every piece of text - from the shortest image caption to 100-word graphic panels.

It was a highly collaborative process, ensuring that the text for each story delivered the key messages effectively and in the right tone of voice.