Museum nan Eilean on the Isle of Lewis is long overdue a new home and it's now set to move to one of the best addresses in Stornoway - Lews Castle. As you sail into the harbour, it's impossible to miss the Victorian stately home looking down at you from the hill. 

Lucidity Media worked with the museum team providing guidance and training on writing and editing text for the new venue. We also drew on our BBC production experience to train the team how to interview fellow islanders, helping them to gather captivating stories to use in the displays.


On the day Lucidity Media challenged us, praised us and gave us the confidence and clarity to go forward with ‘our own voice’.  We were equipped with tools and tips that helped us to create a style guide and the text briefs for galleries in a new HLF funded museum.  What was once a feared task has now been embraced by the team with enthusiasm.

Catriona West, Heritage Manager

Talking in two languages

The new museum places Gaelic language and culture at centre stage so we developed a model where the text writers worked in the two languages in parallel rather than one text being a translation of the other. It's a way of working that means that the Gaelic writers can stay true to their own turn of phrase and can genuinely reflect a Gaelic world view.

*dualchas means tradition and heritage in Gaelic