Glasgow's Greek gem

    Holmwood House

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Holmwood House on the southside of Glasgow is a testament to the talents of Glasgow's Alexander 'Greek' Thomson, one of the city's leading Victorian architects.

But the house underwent so many changes of use and was redecorated so extensively that much of Thomson's original flamboyant design has been covered up. The National Trust for Scotland has been carefully weighing up the desire to restore with the need to avoid further damage.

The audioguide we produced for Holmwood had to explain the current condition of the house and why it is a work in progress. But we also wanted to share Holmwood's fascinating history. So, as well as the conservator, we interviewed the volunteers, the property manager, curator and even the retired headteacher of the school which was once on site. By using multiple voices and perspectives, we've brought the house to life.