On 29 August 1930, the last inhabitants of St Kilda, Britain’s most remote island, left their home for the last time, heading 50 miles east to the main islands of the Outer Hebrides.

They left behind a unique way of life and an extraordinary natural environment.

St Kilda is a now UNESCO World Heritage site, recognised for both its cultural heritage and natural environment.

The story of these tiny islands - situated off an island, off an island, off Europe - in such a remote and inaccessible location fascinates people across the world. Yet, visiting St Kilda is still an unpredictable business, frequently at the mercy of bad weather and high seas.

So how to bring the story of St Kilda closer?

The planned multi-million pound Ionad Hiort (translated from Gaelic as the St Kilda Centre) on the island of Lewis will be at the heart of a new approach to interpreting the island.

To foster interest in the project and support fundraising, the team commissioned Lucidity Media to produce content for a bi-lingual Gaelic/English smartphone app introducing the story of St Kilda.

We created a structure for the content, and then assembled photos, audio archive, film, and music to create a fascinating picture of life in this isolated place.