Lucidity Media was commissioned by the Colmcille organisation to create a new tourist trail based on the life of St Columba, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Named after the saint, the Colmcille organisation has the mission to raise awareness of the culture, history and language shared between Scotland and Ireland. The story of St Columba - the Irish missionary who founded his monastery on the island of Iona - brings those connections to life.

Over six months, we managed this complex project, identifying 70 trail stops in nine locations in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. We researched, wrote and delivered a new tri-lingual website in Scottish Gaelic, Irish and English, then organised and presented five consultation seminars, commissioned education resources and wrote publicity materials,

Lucidity conducted extensive research into the best locations for telling this complex story, ranging from the northernmost tip of the Outer Hebrides to the far west of Donegal.

In each place, we found and consulted with local experts who brought their own understanding to the story and living traditions linked to St Columba.

At every stage, we consulted with leading academic experts who ensured that our interpretation and writing was true to current research. And, as we developed the site, we worked closely with translators and proofreaders to ensure that we were telling the story well in all three languages.