Entering new territory with our first job in the Middle East, Lucidity Media was appointed as  interpretation consultant for the Oman Pavilion at the Expo in Milan 2015. Working with CityNeon, an exhibition development company based in Bahrain, and Paradigm & Partners, based in Kuala Lumpur, we were commissioned to develop the interpretative concept and deliver content for the pavilion's interior and exterior interpretation.

Expo is big. Over 6 months 20 million people visited the Expo site and more than 2 million came to our pavilion for a flavour of Oman.

In 2015, the focus was on food and sustainable production. Given the arid climate in Oman, our narrative was around water and how Oman manages it using both cuting edge technology and ancient water sharing systems. The whole site is a 120m-long representation of the landscape of Oman.

We spent three fascinating weeks in Oman visiting officials, academics and sites across the country to research the story, shape the interpretation concept and provide the framework for detailed exhibit planning.

...And we had breakfast with the camels as we watched the sun rise over the desert.