Lucidity Media led the interpretation and content development for the Oman Pavilion at the Expo 2015 in Milan. This year, we have been back in Oman working on plans for Expo 2020 in Dubai.

In Milan, Lucidity Media was commissioned to develop the interpretative concept and deliver content for the pavilion's interior and exterior interpretation, working alongside exhibition specialists CityNeon from Bahrain and the creative team from Paradigm & Partners based in the UK and Australia. In 2018, we have also been working with our Omani partners - Innovation Factory - an inspiring and creative start-up company.

Expo is big. Over 6 months 20 million people visited Expo 2015 and more than 2 million came to our pavilion for a flavour of Oman. The projected visitor numbers for Expo 2020 are even higher. Delivering engaging experiences for such a large number of people is a really interesting - and different - creative challenge. 

Each time we go to Oman, we get new insights into this fascinating country. Back in 2015, our focus was sustainable food production. This time, it's all about the incredible history of frankincense and its origins in the hot, dry landscape of southern Oman.