Shiver me timbers

    National Maritime Museum

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The brief was to take the 100 most exciting stories in British maritime history and re-tell them for a family audience, focusing on the extraordinary collections of the National Maritime Museum. Then upload the whole thing to tablets for the Great Map project. It's a great way of telling these timeless stories to a whole new generation.

But these aren't just any tablets, these are motion-sensitive tablets which respond as users wander around a map on the floor of the museum. As they move, the action on screen changes. Stories appear where they happened. Sea monsters chase each other. Quirky facts and intriguing headlines grab visitors' attention.

It was some job to take these fabulous tales of adventure, daring and downright piracy and tell them in snappy 40-word chunks but now visitors are happily exploring the Great Map', tablets in hand.


Since its launch, the Great Map has offered more opportunities for the Maritime Museum to engage visitors with the story of trade and exploration. We helped the Map team to develop a family-friendly interactive adventure where visitors track down people, goods and stories across the world.