Walking through the National Football Museum is like leafing through an A-Z of the greatest moments in English football. And there are plenty of them.

In its first two years in Manchester, the museum welcomed 1 million visitors and continues to attract nearly half a million every year.

For over a year, Lucidity Media planned interpretation, drafted and edited text, and worked on concept development for every part of the museum, guiding and supporting the curators and project team at every stage.

We worked on everything - from the text panels, case labels and low-tech interactives, to the audiovisual content and databases - helping to focus the interpretation and pitch it at the right level for every visitor, not just for diehard football fanatics.

The text writing was a great creative challenge, taking us from the serious side of the Beautiful Game to a ‘Hello’ magazine-style interactive about footballers’ celebrity lifestyles. There were no tears but plenty of passion and laughter from the project team, keen to ensure the wit and humour of football played their part in the interpretation.

The project has left us with an unexpected love of football, rather too much knowledge about Blackpool FC, and an appreciation of the extraordinary stories that are so much part of the game.

'We are absolutely delighted with all the work Lucy has done for us and it has been a great pleasure to work with her.
Lucy has been a driving force, helping, teaching, encouraging and where necessary cajoling our staff to hit deadlines. She quickly gained the respect of Museum staff and all the consultants we have worked with.'

Kevin Moore, Director