Life on the ocean wave

A day training the team at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth. They are working on a fabulous new 20th century gallery, Storehouse 10, and the men in hard hats are already busy converting a beautiful dockside storehouse into a new exhibition space ready for opening in 2014. So the team are sharpening their syntax and getting ready to start writing.

Working with the eight project staff, I spent the day helping them to work on their writing, editing and storytelling skills. In the morning, we explored everything from choosing the right stories to discussing how to structure them before spending the afternoon looking at their own first drafts in considerable detail.

What's really pleasing about a running a day like this is the moment when a group of colleagues starts to relax and begin sharing and discussing their writing - and they realise that they can help and support each other through the process. Job done.

As I left, the sun was lowering over the harbour highlighting the angles of HMS Warrior's masts and rigging in the foreground.

(I was also impressed by the results of the community knitting project which produced this wall covered in knitted fish to brighten up the under 5's play area)