I'm in love with Higgs Bosun

The Collider exhibition at the Science Museum is just fabulous. And this from a woman who scraped a C in Physics and who really didn't understand much after Lesson 1: the ticker tape timer.

It's a triumph of museum exhibtion interpretation which, frankly, is something you can say all too infrequently.

I came out feeling that I now know more about CERN and the Hadron Collider than when I went in - and I have an understanding of just how important the work is. That understanding was thanks to the fact that the story was delivered on a human scale using a whole range of creative and accessible interpretation techniques.

The physics was handled through gentle repetiton and reinforcement, using animation, graphics on whiteboards and large AV presentations. It never felt repetitive, just supportive.

The story was told by scientists and engineers who shared their technical knowledge as well as their passion and commitment to their work. It was first person, straight to camera stuff or audio broadcast through radio sets and intercoms. The science was intermingled with the story of life at CERN - covering everything from the languages used in the workplace, to the bikes which people use to travel around inside the 27-km tunnel.

The design created a sense of being inside CERN itself with a fire extinguishers strapped to a wall, a reconstructed office which you could walk into and a corridor lined with posters advertising movie nights and French classes.

It was everything you'd want a museum exhibition to be - interesting, surprising, accessible, engaging, stimulating - while also actually adding to the sum of your knowledge.