Great Map goes live

March was a wee bit busy as several projects sped towards an Easter holiday opening date. The scale and scope of the Great Map project at the National Maritime Museum certainly required creativity, attention to detail, dogged determination and a very tidy spreadsheet so we could keep track of each of the 100 stories as they passed to and fro between Lucidity and the National Maritime Museum through each stage of draft, review and editing.

I went to London for a wash-up meeting (with a suitably salty tang). The first phase delivered 100 stories and there are another couple of hundred planned so the team is keen to learn from the process.

The techies are fixing the final bugs and the Great Map should be live soon. I was given a sneak preview and got a printout of the stories I'd looked at on the tablet, and a link to the project website. In the meantime (fortuitous Greenwich/time pun), everyone seems to be enjoying using the Map for a bit of low-tech play.