Fortune favours the brave

Coming back into museums after a decade in broadcasting, I’ve been struck by how the profession has turned away from introspection and outwards towards a deeper commitment to creative engagement and using resources imaginatively.

And there was plenty of that thinking in evidence at the Museums Galleries Scotland one day conference at Hampden yesterday. Titled 'Fortune favours the brave', it was a packed day with a good range of speakers and topics, boosted by strong coffee.

What came across clearly during the conference was that success lies in being proactive but you have to take a moment to think about what you’re doing and why.

It was interesting to hear that even some of the biggest museums organising some of the biggest projects struggle to articulate their vision sometimes. Often, because there are so many other things to be sorted,  thinking and talking time gets squeezed out of the process. That's why it is helpful for consultants to start with some of the basic questions and listen as their clients explain what lies at the heart of their ambition.

There's definitely a bullish vibe in museums these days and it's invigorating.