Another Eureka! moment

35,000 visitors in just four weeks... not bad. All About Me got off to a good start, withstanding the pressure of 3 weeks of Easter holiday mayhem. It's possibly the toughest time of year to open a new project - with a more concentrated block of visitors than over the summer holidays - but the gallery is looking pretty good considering the pounding it's received.

What made me happiest was watching everyone playing and not feeling hampered by any perception of what they were supposed to be doing. Talking to Daniel, one of the gallery enablers, about what's working well, the first thing he said was that adults and children are playing together much more than they do in other parts of the museum - and that it really does seem to appeal across the 0-11 age range of Eureka!'s visitors. Those were two hugely important ambitions for the team so I was absolutely delighted to hear what he was saying.